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Whale sightings April 17th

No shortage of whales today! Finbacks, Humpback, Minke, Right, dolphins and harbor porpoise. A great day on the water for our second day whalewatching from Provincetown harbor on Cape Cod. With sightings of over 6 finback whales, 2-4 minke whales, groups of white-sided dolphins and harbor porpoise would be enough for any whale watcher. The captain and crew of the Dolphin VIII also found 6 mother calf right whales off the waters of Cape Cod. This is a sighting of a lifetime for any whale watcher. Because of federal regulations, North Atlantic Right Whales can only be viewed from a distance of 500 yards. They are one of our most endangered species so we take special care to give them a wide birth. The minke whale is a great “little” whale to see with its white flipper patches. The minke whale is the smallest rorquil whale growing to lenths of 23-33 feet in lenth. (7-10m)