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How long is the whale watch trip? Our whale watch trips are typically 3-4 hours. The variability depends on how far we may need to travel to see whales; this is at the discretion of the captain. 

Where do I pick up my ticket and check-in? If you purchased your tickets online, that is also your boarding pass! You can get in line to board and present your print out to scan. If you do not have your print out, tickets are available for pick-up in our office in Lopes Square (307 Commercial Street, Provincetown) or at our ticket booth on MacMillan Pier. Upon arrival, give them your last name and Booking Confirmation number.

When should I arrive for my whale watch? We suggest our guests arrive around an hour prior to trip time. This will allow you time to check-in and get your boarding pass. On holidays and during special events, even more time may be needed to allow for traffic congestion and to secure a parking spot.

What should I bring? We suggest you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a jacket, flat shoes with traction, binoculars, and a camera.

What is the best time to see the whales? The whales are here from April until the end of October to feed. Our sighting percentage is very high regardless of the time of day or month! See our sighting guarantee! Each whale watch is a unique experience and the best time to see the whales is the time that works best with your schedule!

Do you guarantee that I will see a whale? We GUARANTEE whale sightings! In the unlikely event of no whale sightings on a regular trip, all paying passengers will receive a 1% PASS for a future trip (NOT a refund). 1% Tickets are not issued to schools or groups.

Will I get seasick? Some people get seasick easily, and some never do. If you think you might be prone to seasickness, you may want to look into taking a motion sickness pill before boarding. Some natural remedies are candied ginger, gingersnaps, pretzels, saltines, ginger ale, and coke. If you find yourself seasick on the vessel, try staying outside and look out at the horizon. 

Can I bring my own food and drinks onboard? Due to the current conditions with COVID-19, we are not allowing coolers, food, or beverages on-board. The only exception is infant needs. Please note the galley is CASH ONLY.

Where should I park? We do not provide parking. The closest parking lot to the boat is at MacMillan Wharf.
Fisherman’s Wharf – Opposite MacMillan Wharf, to the right of the municipal lot is private parking at Fisherman’s Wharf.
Riley’s Parking – 132 Bradford Street. Just as you enter town. Around a seven-minute walk.
Grace Hall Parking Area – Bradford and Prince Street (behind the high school).

How should I dress? It is always 10-15 degrees cooler on the water than it is onshore. We recommend that folks dress in layers, and even in the middle of summer folks will probably need a light windbreaker or sweatshirt. We also recommend rubber-soled shoes (sneakers) or shoes with good traction. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses. Hats are fine, except that they can easily blow away in the wind.

Can I bring a stroller on board? Yes, as long as it is not a double-wide stroller. You may have to fold it while boarding the vessel, but there is usually space inside the cabin for strollers.

Are the boats wheelchair accessible? While we are not fully handicap accessible, we do make accommodations for manual wheelchairs and walkers. Please note that electric wheelchairs are too wide and are not permitted. We have a wheelchair we can use to assist down the ramp and on to the boat. Please arrive early and the crew will be happy to assist with pre-boarding. Please note that the restroom and cabin are not handicap accessible from a wheelchair.

Can I cancel or change my reservation? Yes! We are happy to change or cancel your reservation, if needed, at no cost or penalty to you.

What will the weather be like? Give us a call! We can look up the marine and local forecasts.

Do you go out in the rain? Yes, we operate rain or shine! Trip cancellations are typically based on wind and wave conditions. We still go out if it is raining as long as the conditions are safe. If your trip is canceled due to inclement weather or sea conditions a full refund will be issued if you are unable to reschedule your trip.

Is there a bathroom? Yes, there are at least two restrooms on all our vessels equipped with a toilet, hand washing station, and hand dryer. We have also installed hand sanitizer stations.

What precautions are being taken in regards to COVID-19? All employees and passengers are required to wear masks on the vessel. For the time being, you will not be allowed to bring coolers, food, or beverages onboard (the only exception is infant needs). If you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, you will not be allowed to board.  We disinfect boats after every trip including all handrails on the ramps. We have added hand sanitizer stations and our normal capacity will be capped so social distancing can be maintained. For more information, please visit our COVID-19 Policies here.