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Our Commitment

It is our hope that every passenger leaves our vessel not only with wonderful memories but also with a understanding of the need to protect the whales, marine life and habitats that are so important to those that live above and below the water!

The Dolphin Fleet family has been committed to promoting responsible whale watching since 1975. Steven Milliken, a long time captain and the owner of the Dolphin Fleet has participated in the development of guidelines for the Northeast region and designed a captains training program to safely work around whales in their natural habitat and shared the program with NOAA and the SBNMS for it’s consideration. Captain Milliken has served on the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Committee (SAC) for over 20 years. He has partaken in many working groups world wide to contribute towards safer whale watching and educational practices for the better understanding of the marine life that is encountered.

The founder of our Research and Education department, the late Dr. Carlson, was one of the core scientist for over 40 years that worked on research and the educational aspects with Dolphin Fleet and a world authority on whale watching. She served on the Whale watch Sub-Committee of the International Whaling Commission and had led several international workshops on whale watching. She worked in the USA, Iceland, Caribbean region and South America with government and stakeholders to establish rules for whale watching that are respectful to whales and the marine environment. She continued her work with Dolphin Fleet and her commitment to the whales and the environment until her death in 2017.


In 2019, we celebrate 10 years of Whale SENSE! Whale SENSE is a voluntary education and recognition program offered to commercial whale watching companies in the U.S. Atlantic and Alaska Regions. The program is sponsored by NOAA Fisheries and Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Developed in collaboration with the whale watching industry, Whale SENSE recognizes whale watching companies committed to responsible practices. The  WhaleSENSE program is based on the training practices and educational aspects Dolphin Fleet has established throughout it’s inception.