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Lot’s of whales!!!

July 18, 2005 a great week of whales! With sightings of finbacks, humpbacks, minke whales as well as a few right whales made the last week one of the best in the season. While finbacks worked the Stellwagen bank in two groups, 7-9 in all, humpbacks moved in from the south. One of our old friends Salt was among the group. 5-6 humpbacks feeding on the small sand eels off the shores of Cape Cod. Only 45 minutes from Provincetown harbor. 3 right whales where also spotted. A sign of plankton rich waters. Right whales are the most endangered species we see on the east coast. White sided dolphins where also seen on a few trips adding excitement to the day. Don’t forget you can buy tickets online at a discount and save yourself the wait in line. Sunset trips have been great!