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Bird Sightings

Pelagic bird watching continues to be good despite that we are in the time of year when many of the winter-time seabirds have moved on to summer grounds and summer-time birds have not arrived in any substantial numbers.
Through mid to late May we’ve seen Bonaparte’s gulls, Glaucous gulls and Iceland gulls. The Bonaparte’s were seen early on as small flocks of 15-35 or so but steadily became fewer and fewer. As we head into early June, however, we are still able to find one or two Glaucous or Iceland gulls (including Icelands along the beach between Long Point and Wood End). Look into the feeding flocks of gulls above humpback whales for these Glaucous or Iceland gulls.
Gannets are also still to be seen offshore, in small numbers. They are mostly juveniles as it is late in the year for adult gannets. There is also an occasional loon or two to be seen.
Perhaps the biggest surprise though was a late winter year puffin!
As of the last week of May we are also seeing isolated pairs and triplets of Wilson’s Storm-petrels and singles and pairs of Sooty and Greater Shearwaters.