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Bird Sightings Update-June 20th by Naturalist Peter Trull

Bird Report  # 1

Saturday,  June 20 2006

Mild south/southwest winds and flat seas had very few birds on the move today. In fact except for small mixed groups of gulls casually following a number of sub-surface feeding Finback Whales around in the waters east of Race Point, the avian activity was very low.  Eight to twelve miles to the east and south of the race, Wilson’s Storm-petrels were foraging in relatively sparse numbers but were easily observable at any time during our 12:30 trip.  Also observed were 4 Northern Gannets, 1 adult and three sub-adults.  Common Terns were foraging along the shore and actually courting overhead as we ran along Herring Cove Beach, while not numerous at all off-shore.  We’ll wait for some easterly breezes or perhaps some stronger south/southwest winds to churn things up and move the plankton and bait around, hoping for some sightings of Greater Shearwaters and Sooty Shearwaters later in the week.

Herring Gull – abundant

Great Black-backed Gull – abundant

Laughing Gull – 350

Common Tern – 30

Least Tern – 15

Wilson’s Storm-petrel – 400

Northern Gannet 4

Double – crested Cormorant – At sea, 2 on the breakwater – 120