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A fantastic week for whalewatching

Great Whalewatch trips all week with six species of whales. Trips departing Provincetown harbor and into Cape Cod bay where the whales have been actively feeding on plankton as well as other small schooling fish. Although we are restricted in viewing right whales close we have seen many in the area. Over 15 sightings of the right whales on given trips. Humpback whales in Provincetown harbor also gave us a close approach for 30 minutes or so on one of our first trips. We have cataloged over 8 humpbacks this first week alone. A great start. Finback whales have also been abundant within Cape Cod Bay. 10 to 20 over the week. If that’s not enough, minke whales have been sighted also. Harbor porpoise scattered throughout the bay and sightings in the beginning of the week of white-sided dolphins. A few seals around wood end beach.

For the birders a special treat! 600 to 800 puffins where sighted in Provincetown harbor. Now that’s a special sighting here.

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