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The best sightings in years!

August has brought some of the best whale watching to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary then it has seen for over twenty years. Large groups of humpbacks feeding along with breaching and other activities. Often our trips are seeing between 20 to 50 whales each trip. Many finbacks are also working the area. Finback whales are the second largest animal seen on earth. Some of the smaller baleen whales sighted are the minke whales that quickly move about in smaller groups or even seen on there own.  White –sided dolphins have been sighted just outside Provincetown harbor as well as into Cape Cod bay in groups of 50 to 200. They’re a great animal to watch as they play in the wake of the boat or ride the pressure wave. If ever a time to go whale watching, now is the time. sightings like this are a chance of a lifetime.