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Spectacular June Sightings!

The final days of June are coming to a close with a wide variety of whale sightings. We have sighted 4 species of whales over the past week. 1 Right whale was seen traveling along the Provincetown shores. The North Atlantic Right Whale is our most endangered species to be seen in the North Atlantic.

 Large numbers of finback whales sighted north of Cape Cod with numbers exceeding 12-14 at times. Finbacks are the second largest of the whales to be seen in any ocean. To view finbacks feeding on small schooling fish is a spectacular sight.

Over 5 humpback whales have also been documented within the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Mother, calf pairs seen breaching alongside the Dolphin VI as well as the Dolphin VIII, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

 Many of the smaller baleen whales, the minke whale have also been seen on the whalewatching trips. Groups of 10-20 spread out throughout the area where seen earlier in the week.

 It’s been a fantastic whale watching season so far and we look forward to the coming months. If you would like to go and save the headaches of waiting in line for tickets visit our on-line ticket sales to save yourself time AND money by booking your whale watch on-line.