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September starts with a bang!

Great start for September! With sightings of humpback, finback, minke and pilot whales makes the trips an experience you won’t forget. The first day of September brought sightings right off the beaches of Provincetown. Finbacks are working along the edges of Race Point beach and Stellwagen bank. 6-9 finbacks sighted over the day. 10- 15 humpbacks seen feeding out in the deeper waters. A nice sighting was that of a group of pilot whales 25-35 in all. This may be the same family group seen throughout August. Minke whales are always great to see as well. 5-6 where seen working the areas where we where seeing the other whales. a great time for whale sightings so if you want to see a veriety of whales nows the timeto go whale watching. just call our office for reservations or call 800-826-9300 or reserve online!