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Naturalist’s Notebook: October 18 to October 25

This week was again largely about feeding humpback whales.  On almost every trip, they were reported doing just that.

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The report on October 21 of Hancock without her calf is not a reason for concern.  By this time of the season, it is fairly common for calves to be putting more and more distance between themselves and their mothers.  For some calves, that have been weened from whale milk and have begun to collect fish on their own, it might mark the end of the mother and calf bond.  For others it may just be that they are exploring more and spending more time away from their mothers before returning to their sides.

What must have been the highlight of the week was the report of watching whales while the snow was falling on October 18.  I have never been so fortunate but I can imagine how wonderful that must have been for those passengers.