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June’s whales and weather

The first weeks of June have brought us great whale sightings although not the best of weather. Many humpback, finback and minke whales have been seen on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Provincetown, (the tip of Cape Cod) being the closest port to the sanctuary gives us a better advantage to see the whales from the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches as well as close views from the boat.

The latest sightings of whales within the sanctuary where of the feeding humpback and finback whales. At times over a dozen whales sighted during a trip. Views of mother, calf pairs seen working the edges of the bank as well as further off-shore. Groups of the smaller baleen whales, the minke whale were also sighted with groups of 10-15 within the area. It's a great time to go out. Be sure to visit our new pages of the site “research and education” it will be expanding over time and remember if you would like to keep up to date or comment on what we see and do please subscribe to this page on the upper right corner.