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Great August sightings!

Great sightings over the past week with humpback, finback, minke and pilot whales. Just a great year for whale watching. Some of our old friends have been seen like coral, salt, tulip & calf. Loon has been seen off the shores of Provincetown as well. So far this week 7 to 8 different humpbacks have been sighted. 15- 25 finback whales, 10- 15 minke whales, 15-25 pilot whales and 50 –75 white-sided dolphins. The whales have been doing a lot of feeding on the Stellwagen Bank marine sanctuary. With great lunges on the surface. There have also been other activities like breaching and flipper slapping. White- sided dolphins seen in Cape Cod bay as well in Provincetown harbor. Great whalewatching this August.