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Dolphin Fleet Sightings – October 18 to October 25

October 18, DOLPHIN VIII, 1:30 pm
*2 gray seals
*1 harbor seal

October 18: Bird Species Sighted
*Common Terns, Northern Gannets, Common Eiders, Double-crested Cormorants, Greater Blackbacked Gulls, Herring Gulls, and unidentified Jaegers.

October 19, DOLPHIN VIII, 1:30 pm
*1 minke whale
*1 finback whale
*5/6 humpback whales
*1 gray seal

October 19: Bird Species Sighted
*Unidentified Jaegers, unidentified Shearwaters, Common Terns, Forster’s Terns, Northrn Gannets, and a Bonaparte’s Gull.

October 20, DOLPHIN VIII, 1:30 pm
*1 ocean sunfish

October 21, DOLPHIN VIII, 12:00 pm
*2/3 minke whales
*1 finback whale
*2 humpback whales
*1 ocean sunfish

October 21: Individuals Identified
*Perseid and Eruption.

October 21: Bird Species Sighted
*Common Terns and Northern Gannets.

October 22, DOLPHIN VIII, 12:00 pm
*1 ocean sunfish

October 22: Bird Species Sighted
*Common Terns, Parasitic Jaegers, Northern Gannets, Great Shearwaters, Laughing and Herring Gulls, Greater Blackbacked Gulls, and a Northern Fulmar.

October 23, DOLPHIN VIII, 12:00 pm
*2 minke whales
*2 harbor porpoise
*2 gray seals
*1 harbor seal

October 24
*All trips cancelled today because of weather.

October 25, DOLPHIN VIII, 12:00 pm
*8/16 harbor porpoise
*2/4 common dolphins

October 25: Bird Species Sighted
*Northern Gannets, Common Terns, and Great Shearwaters.