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Breaching Finback a once in a lifetime experience

June 29th 2005 the trips have been good over the last few days with the exception of fog and haze making it difficult to locate whales on a few trips. White sided dolphins have been in the area as well. One of the most spectacular sightings yesterday was that of a breaching (jumping) finback whale. This whale is the second largest whale in the world so you can imagine what it is like to see one come flying out of the water.

There have also been a few humpbacks in the area. Today 2 humpbacks where spotted along with 2-4 finback whales. The minke whale, one of the smallest baleen whales has also in the area. A few have been seen working the area off the shores of Provincetown. Cape Cod, especially Provincetown is a hot spot for finding whales because it is located so close to Stellwagen Bank.

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