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A September to remember

September comes to a close with a great month of whalewatching, good weather and lots of fun. We had great sightings of white-sided dolphins, often seeing groups of over 200 in a pod. Pilot whales where also sighted out to the east of Cape Cod. Along the shores of Provincetown we would often see finback whales working the steep slopes along the beaches. Humpbacks where also seen in great numbers in all directions. To the west into Cape Cod Bay many sightings of feeding humpbacks where seen as well as finbacks, minke whales and white–sided dolphins. To the north ad east the activity was the same. You could leave Provincetown harbor, go almost any direction and see whales. This was one of the best Septembers to see whales in years. We hope October will have the same type of sightings!