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2006 whalewatch season starts with great whales!

The whales are great! Our first trip of the season hade great sightings as well as lots of whales. The trip departed Provincetown harbor and headed out into Cape Cod bay. Fog was not a problem as we had our first sighting of the smallest species we see the harbor porpoise. As we continued we saw numbers of North Atlantic Right Whales, the most endangered species we have here. As the fog cleared there where numbers of whales scattered about. Groups of finback whales and a scattering of the harbor porpoise. Our second trip saw many of the same whales with the exception of many humpback whales as well. A fantastic start for the season. People loved our new educational program as well. Viewing live plankton collected during the trip, the kids loved the interactive activities on the boat as well. Trips will now be departing on a daily basis 10:00 and 1:30 so don’t miss out on the whale watching fun!