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Category Archives: Naturalist Notebook

Naturalist’s Notebook: October 24 to October 26

* Again today, October 24, the seas prevented whalewatching from Provincetown. * Finally, after four days of wind and rain and cancelled trips, October 25 was a beautiful, sunny day. The Dolphin 10 left its slip at noon and spiralled her way out of Cape Cod Bay. Gannets and shearwaters were everywhere, setting the stage […]

Naturalist’s Notebook: October 17 – October 23

* What a day of feeding on the southwest corner!! October 17 was filled with fantastic views of bubble clouds being broken by the huge, open mouths of humpback whales and by some of those same humpbacks lifting their flukes above the surface to slam them down, corraling the schooling fish into a tighter ball. […]

Naturalist’s Notebook: October 10 – October 16

* I doubt I could improve on Dennis Minsky’s observations of October 10. “Amazing behavior: Salt and company lunge-feeding on KRILL out at the Triangle! Wide open mouths and engorged throats! Very exciting. Something new for even veteran whalewatchers!” * And there was also the lobtailling of Chromosome in the morning. * Whalewatching on the […]

Naturalist’s Notebook: October 03 to October 09

*October 03 and October 04 were spent riding out the remaining hours of the storm. * The rough, choppy water did not deter the enthusiastic passengers on October 05 who delighted in close views of a finback whale and a half dozen humpback whales. Nor did it detract from their excitement at seeing the breaching […]

Naturalist’s Notebook: September 26 to October 02

* It was an afternoon of feeding behaviors on September 26. Old favorites, like Salt and Tear and Nile her involved in both kick feeding and bubble-net feeding. At times, the schooling fish could be seen jumping clear of the water, attempting to get away from the gaping mouths of the humpback whales. Those open […]

Naturalist’s Notebook: September 19 to September 25

* A little more of the windy and cold weather for September 19. That did not prevent the Dolphin X from travelling to the SouthWest Corner for views of a dozen humpback whales. With the choppy seas, today was not a day for feeding. The humpbacks were moving into and out of large groups that […]

Naturalist’s Notebook: July 18 to July 24

* Sightings on July 18 were not just limited to humpback whales. Numerous minke whales were also observed. Minkes are the smallest of the baleen whales common to our waters, reaching lengths of 25 to 30 feet (so still large compared to anything other than baleen whales). * In addition, there were at least 4 […]

Naturalist’s Notebook: July 11 to July 17

* This was a big week for whalewatching around Stellwagen Bank. Some forty or so humpback whales continue to make their living feeding on the small, schooling fish that seem to be quite plentiful there this season. Among the individuals sighted this week were; Ivory, Thicket, Canopy and her 2014 calf, Reaper and her 2014 […]

Naturalists’ Notebook: July 04 to July 10

* If you were to look back at the Naturalists’ Notebook for this week last year, you would repeatedly find mention of a humpback whales named Nile. And pretty much only Nile. Oh, there were also minke and finback whales. And there would ocassionally be a second or even a third humpback whale listed as […]

Naturalist’s Notebook: June 27 to July 03

* June 27 was a beautiful day to be whalewatching in the western part of Cape Cod Bay. The fog and rain of yesterday morning had passed and the winds of last evening had diminished, leaving the surface of the bay with enough of a swell to remind you you were on the water but […]