The weather on Cape Cod can change from minute to minute.  Temperatures and weather conditions can sometimes vary greatly from one part of Cape Cod to the next. To give you a better idea of the conditions where you might be, we recommend you get the weather for the specific town where you intend to visit.

Click on any of the towns listed below to view a forecast page. Please note that there are many more 'villages' on Cape Cod then there are towns, and you should try to locate the town that encompasses the village you may be more familiar with.

The link to the right is for the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary observation and weather buoy. This has up to the minute weather observations for the northern edge of Stellwagen Bank. Be sure to visit the Latest NWS Marine Forcast link. It will give you the latest marine forecasts for the surrounding areas.

You may prefer to check local sea conditions from NOAA for Coastal Marine Zone Forecasts:



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