Provincetown Whale Watch

The Portuguese Princess Boat
Heading out for a whale watch.

The Portuguese Princess has merged with Dolphin Fleet

The Portuguese Princess has merged with Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown to raise quality in vessel standards and educational value. This merger brings many added benefits for the Portuguese Princess. The vessel itself will be restored to it’s original beauty, raised quality in it’s overall appearance and of course a fun and educational trip for passengers of all ages.

With the Portuguese Princess merger with Dolphin fleet of Provincetown, you willl be able to purchase tickets online with no added fees or hidden costs, a no hassle approach for ticket sales. In fact you'll even receive a discount buying online! With the merging of the two companies you will be able to go out on one of four vessels departing Macmillan wharf in Provincetown. To check scheduling click the tab above to view and reserve.

Please note to purchase tickets in Provincetown our ticket sales locations have changed. You may still purchase tickets at the main pier as always. you may also purchase tickets at our new locations at 132 Bradford street the ticket office at the chamber of commerce building at the head of the pier. Don’t be misled, ask for the Portuguese Princess by name so you receive the correct tickets.

Whale Sightings

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Suggestions on what to bring:

  • Camara
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Sweater/Windbreaker
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Binoculars, if you have them

What You Can Expect on a Whale Watch Trip

Because we work with whales and other marine life in the wild, each trip is different. The special habitat we visit is the summer home to such species as the Humpback, Finback and Minke whales. The North Atlantic Right Whale is one of the most endangered species in the world, and may be seen in and around the waters of Provincetown and Cape Cod Bay. Toothed varieties such as pilot whales, white-sided dolphins and harbor porpoise are often seen as well. These are just a few of the species you are apt to see on a trip with The Dolphin Fleet. Please visit the many other pages on our site as we try to share what we believe will be one of the most gratifying experiences you will have in your lifetime.

Whale Diving
Humpback whale going down for a dive.

Watch Our Video

To get you in the mood for the upcoming season please click here to view a short video of Provincetown and our Whale Watch.